Thomas W. (Tommy) Weatherford, III, DMD, DVM

Dr. Weatherford began his post-secondary education at Auburn University and upon graduation was admitted to the Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine and then to the Graduate Program as an Instructor in Histology. Dr. Weatherford’s excellence in academics and as an Instructor in the graduate program attracted the attention of Dean Joe Volker of the University of Alabama School of Dentistry, who recruited Dr. Weatherford to attend the School of Dentistry in Birmingham. After graduation from the School of Dentistry, Tommy Weatherford was accepted as a graduate student in periodontics at Children’s Hospital and completed his residency in periodontics at Birmingham’s Veteran’s Administration Hospital. Dr. Weatherford’s career at the UAB School of Dentistry spanned 54 years as Instructor, Assistant Professor, and Professor.

As Director of the Alabama Dental Hygiene Program for over 40 years, his research and teaching of thousands of dental residents and hygienists has assured the availability of preventive services in even the smallest of Alabama’s communities. Dr. Weatherford received the Moren Fuller Award for “Outstanding Service to The Profession of Dentistry” given by the UAB School of Dentistry Alumni Association and the “Outstanding Periodontal Educator Award” given by the American Academy of Periodontology. Dr. Weatherford, retired from UAB in 2007 as Professor Emeritus, continues to teach and share his wealth of knowledge with dentists and hygienist throughout the state.