AHHOF Friends and Supporters

The Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit organization with a modest operating budget. We would like to express our appreciation to the many financial and volunteer contributors from August 1, 2018 to the present date. Contributions are tax deductible and used for operations, research, and scholarship.

Alabama Hospital Association, Dr. Donald E. Williamson/CEO, Class of 2016 Honoree
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
J. H. Alford, MD
Gerhard A.W. Boehm, Board Member, 2018 Honoree
Robert C. Chapman, LFACHE 2012 Honoree
Neil E. Christopher, M.D. 2008 Honoree
Joseph O. Dean, Jr., PhD. 2008 Honoree and past board member
Ernest G. DeBakey Charitable Foundation 2001 Honoree
Arnold G. Diethelm, MD 2004 Honoree
Honorable Larry D. Dixon, 2016 Honoree
Wayne Finley, M.D. PhD., 2001 Honoree, Former Chairman
Juanzetta S. Flowers, D.S.N., R.N. 2004 Honoree
Madelline Gadilhe Harris Patron
Byron Green, M.D. Board Member
Boyde J. Harrison, M.D. P.C. 2018 Honoree
Jimmy Harrison Foundation 1999 Honoree
Alan Hartley, C.P.A. Ex-Officio Board Member
William D. Henderson Henderson Investments
Joel P. Hearn, D.M.D. Board Member
Bryan Kindred DCH Health System CEO
Christy LeMak, Ph.D., FACHE, Board Member
F. Martin Lester, M.D. 2018 Honoree
Noland Health Services Carol Knight, CEO
Charles A. McCallum, D.M.D., 1999 Honoree
Arlene H. Morris, R.N., M.S.N.,Ed.D Board Member
Medical Properties Trust Emmett McLean
Reese Phifer Memorial Foundation Mrs. Susan Phifer Cork
Michael Saag, M.D. Patron
George C. Smith , Sr., M.D. 2012 Honoree, Board Chair
George C. (Buddy) Smith, Jr., M.D.
Jack W. Trigg, Jr., M.D. Patron
Arthur F. Toole, M.D. Patron
UAB Health System Dr. William Ferniany, CEO
UAB Archives, Mr. Tim Penncuff, Archivist
Kenneth Yohn, M.D.

If you would like to contribute to the AHHOF, please forward the gift to Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame, 600 Corporate Parkway, Suite 125, Birmingham, AL 35242, or contact Dennis Stanard at 205-561-7911