Martin Perlman, MD

Dr. Martin Perlman, a native of Virginia, completed his medical training at the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine and after two years in the Army moved to Mobile, Alabama to establish his internal medicine practice. Dr. Perlman became Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology and gained a reputation as the foremost Oncologists in Mobile and the surrounding area. Dr. Perlman was also renowned for his many years as a Professor of Clinical Medicine and a community based instructor for students and residents of the University of South Alabama. In 1997 Dr. Perlman was awarded the John McGehee Award for Excellence in Community Based Teaching.

Dr. Perlman’s was widely known for his expertise shared at cancer conferences and his work in planning and developing the Mobile Infirmary Cancer Center. Dr. Perlman was elected a Trustee, and the only physician, on the Ben May Charitable Trust, where he played a major role in promoting and funding medical research on a worldwide basis. Dr. Perlman’s deep and caring compassion for his patients, his intense focus on education and research to provide the most current and appropriate treatment has elevated him to the highest esteem among his colleagues, patients and the many students he trained and mentored.