Linna H. Denny, RN*

Miss Linna Denny is often referred to as “The Pioneer of Alabama Nursing” and “The Trail Blazer”. She was the first Red Cross nurse in Alabama and the first President and Executive Secretary of the Alabama State Nurses Association. A strong advocate of higher education for nurses, Miss Denny received the Honorary Doctor of Humanities from the University of Alabama in 1952. As a practicing nurse for over 35 years, she fought epidemics, struggled against prejudice, and ministered to the sick with maternal care, always finding time to crusade for higher standards in her profession.

In 1925, Miss Denny accepted the position of Secretary of the State Board of Nurses’ Examiners. She then established the cornerstone for the School of Nursing at the University of Alabama by advocating special courses in nursing. A portrait of the late Miss Denny hangs in a prominent position at the University of Alabama School of Nursing in Birmingham.