C. Neal Canup, MD

Dr. Neal Canup has practiced family medicine in Anniston, Alabama for more than 40 years and is known throughout Alabama for a strong commitment to his profession and community. His impact has stretched far beyond his private practice. Dr. Canup served Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center as Chief of Medicine, Vice President of Medical Affairs, Chairman of the Institutional Review Board, Chairman of the Ethics Committee, and President of the Calhoun County Medical Society.

At the state level, Dr. Canup has been President of the Alabama Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Medical Association of the State of Alabama. Dr. Canup has also served on numerous boards and committees including, the State Board of Health, Board of Medical Examiners, Alabama Quality Assurance, Advisory Council of the State Department of Public Health and the Board of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. Dr. Canup has continued to support his profession as a Clinical Professor at the University of Alabama. His contributions to healthcare have been felt throughout the state through his generosity and commitment to serve his patients and his profession.