A Call For Nominations

Contributions by the nominee must distinguish them from the mainstream of others working in the same field. The nomination form should be accompanied by a letter from the nominator describing in detail the accomplishments of the nominee including education, positions held, appointments, and other significant and relevant information. The characteristics of the nominee in the areas of caring, scholarship, and/or dedication should be clearly identified in the nominator’s letter.

A minimum of three and not more than five letters of support should accompany the nomination packet. Newspaper, magazine, and other media information should not be included in the nomination materials, but may be referred to in the nominator’s letter.

The nomination form must contain all relevant contact information and be submitted and signed by an individual nominator and not by an organization. The nominations should be mailed by December 1, 2023 for the Class of 2024.

CLICK HERE to download the Nomination Form.

The candidate nomination materials should be forwarded to:

Dennis M. Stanard, President, AHHOF
600 Corporate Parkway, Suite 125
Birmingham, AL 35242

Or emailed to: dmstanard@icloud.com
(205) 561-7911